Clearly express thoughts
A distinctive feature of Shortcast is the short format. And to learn how to convey your thoughts quickly and clearly, you need to practice. Therefore, we have prepared some quick exercises to help you improve your speaking skills. This particular exercise will allow you to stumble less.
Deep breath
And let's go!
Before recording a shortcast, put three items in front of you — you’ll have to describe them. For example: a mobile phone, headphones, a small toy, a keychain, or a statuette. In fact, it could be anything.
Grab the first item and describe it. What is it, what it’s made of, what is it for and whom was it made for
Step 1
30 sec
Grab the second item and describe it like you did it earlier
Step 2
30 sec
Repeat all the actions with the third item and try to explain why everyone should buy it
Step 3
30 sec
Tips And Tricks
  • Develop your memory with the help of poems. Try to memorize them. Start with small poems, maybe even quatrains. Alternatively, you can memorize the lyrics of your favorite songs.