6 reasons to use Shortcast in your day-to-day activities
Shortcast for
The new async approach
Screen sharing software is a game changer for marketing agencies and entrepreneurs — sending short videos helps them update their clients and deliver the results, train them to deal with analytic systems (or any other kind of software), or demo out new channels and functionality.

And the cool thing is your clients can provide feedback using the same software and keep it short and to the point.
Working closely with agency owners and managers, we noticed they are really tired of meetings. And despite the average meeting length dropped by 20% due to pandemic, the number of online calls increased by 13% (according to working paper by HBS and NYU’s Stern School of Business who analyzed the metadata of 3 million people from across North America, Europe, and Middle East).
Keep the emotional context
Messages and emails are missing body language, tone of voice, and emotions which makes you experience new forms of miscommunication. Shortcast helps you keep the emotional context and establish healthy communication in your workflow.

  • Engage prospects and convert them into clients
  • Demo out and explain new tools and platforms
  • Attach video explanations to complicated sheets and charts
  • Share the knowledge inside the team
  • Create trainings and build courses
Make it clear
Don’t make your clients suffer from the amount of incomprehensible charts and diagrams. Even a short 5-minute video increases the transparency in your communication and helps you get rid of the unnecessary call.
Educate your customers
The async format changes the approach to educating customers — quick videos combined into different modules allow agencies to train both new and existing clients at the same time and fine-tune their marketing skills.
Share your knowledge internally
Async communication helps marketing agencies establish the knowledge and information sharing processes which reduces the dependence on the time of your colleagues.
Communicate on the fly
Shortcast Google Chrome extension helps you deliver everything that matters in just a couple of clicks so you can stay closer to your audience by adding more personal touch to messages, updates, or reports.
Shortcast for your clients
Your clients should give it a try. The ease of use and adoption, friendly interface, and free subscription make Shortcast a perfect tool for establishing the async communication between marketing agencies and their customers.
What marketers love
about Shortcast
The ease of use
Shortcast helps marketers and their clients exchange video messages and make their communication robust and clear
Face recording
Make your messages more engaging and overcome misunderstanding caused by the lack of the emotional context in text messages and emails
Cloud storage
Shortcast helps agencies build their own ecosystem to train and educate their customers using one-to-many model
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