6 reasons to use Shortcast in your day-to-day activities
Shortcast for Designers
Collaborate with the team in a smart way
A remote team is always a challenge. Whether you’re a design/cross-functional team member or a design manager, you’ll definitely love the asynchronous communication powered by Shortcast.

This kind of format perfectly fits teams working remotely, especially team members in different timezones.
All our use cases are based on the research we’ve made with dozens of designers who deal with these processes on a daily basis, aggregated their struggles and challenges into solutions, and put everything together so you can get the full scoop on how to utilize these practices in your day-to-day work.
Structure your meetings
Hosting a meeting? It is a good call to record a short overview and add it to your calendar event to guide your team through the items you want to discuss. This helps everyone stay focused on the matters at hand.

Tip: Shortcast tracks all the views for the particular video so you can make sure all your team members have the right context.
Pitch your work
Presenting something remotely is always associated with time-consuming calls. But imagine you can turn your presentation into a structured asynchronous activity, rather than a long scheduled call everyone has to force themselves to attend.

Easily capture your screen and voice wherever you are, record yourself while you talk to make the video more human and personal, and share the result with the link in Slack, Figma, Notion, etc.
Provide instant feedback
Shortcast offers a set of tools to help you communicate with your team on the fly.

Whether you go through the file in Figma or deal with the final result on production, you can make sure Shortcast Google Chrome extension helps you deliver everything that matters in just a couple of clicks.
Asynchronous Design Review
Design review is an important milestone in product development and you can also conduct it in asynchronous format which is still about a two-way communication and can be used for enhancing your design review process at a glance.

Shortcast allows you to provide all the details about the goal, problems you solve, and highlights which could be very helpful for the reviewer, especially when they don’t have much context.
You can download Product Design Review Template in Notion
Contribute to the community
There’s a bunch of cool stuff you can come across and you might want to share it with the community — explore together new tools and references, demo out tips and tricks, educate your team members.

Shortcast also brings your mentoring activities to the next level and provides personal interaction and human touch, which are really crucial.
Onboard and educate new designers
The average new hiring onboarding experience consists of more than 50 activities. Save your time by utilizing the one-to-many model to create a robust onboarding flow with clear explanations, guides, and walkthroughs.
Tip: you can record separate videos for different onboarding activities and use them in your new hiring onboarding checklist in the platform your team works.
What designers love
about Shortcast
The ease of use
Our customers mention the ease of use which is the pillar functionality for that kind of product.
Face recording
According to MIT research, videos that intersperse an instructor’s talking head are more engaging than slides alone.
Cloud storage
Shortcast cloud storage helps designers structure their videos and reuse them once they have to take a step back.
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