Timesheet Verification
Budget coordination or analysis of the plan (time spent) is a routine job for every project manager. This recurring ritual requires some time for preparation, and even more for presentation and coordination with the manager/client — after all, negotiation can take even more time than the coordination itself.
Deep breath
And let's go!
Quickly cover the topic of the discussion
Step 1
30 sec
Present all the numbers and dig into the details
Step 2
1-3 min
Make sure everything is clear and request the approval
Step 3
30 sec
Tips And Tricks
  • In case there are additional questions that are not related to the approval of the timesheet, ask them separately. A simple and clear task will speed up getting “ok”.
  • Make explicit accents and try to answer the questions that may concern your manager. For example, how much of the annual planned budget have we already spent in the first quarter.