New Hire Onboarding
This saves a ton of time for the whole team and makes the onboarding process less stressful for everyone. This also turns the onboarding into the knowledge base that your newcomers can always peek at.

Shortcast helps you to save your time by utilizing the one-to-many model to create a robust onboarding flow with clear and personalized explanations, guides, and walkthroughs.
Deep breath
And let's go!
Provide your employee with their first day schedule
up to 3 min
Record welcome video from CEO. Tell them about our history, mission, and goals
up to 10 min
Explain how the company is structured and how departments interact with each other
up to 5 min
Go through your company policies and provide explanations on rights and obligations related to employment
HR Manager
up to 3 min
Go through essential tools you use on the daily basis. Tell them how to deal with essential software and design-system
up to 10 min
Tips And Tricks
  • Create onboarding series in the platform your company works. You can easily embed Shortcast videos almost everywhere to create your own experience.
  • Ask managers, mentors, and leadership team to record themselves while they talk (according to Massachusetts Institute of Technology research, videos that intersperse someone’s talking head are more engaging than slides alone).