Design Review
Here’s an example of how you can structure your presentation for the 5-minute video, but the duration of your shortcast depends on the functionality you review. If you need more time to present, use 10-minute videos or split your review into a couple of shortcasts.
Deep breath
And let's go!
Quickly go through the agenda and specify the type of feedback you want
Step 1
30 sec
Share the purpose of the mockup and business value
Step 2
1 min
Share and explain your design
Step 3
3 min
Notify participants about the best way to share feedback
Step 4
30 sec
Tips And Tricks
  • Make sure you send your shortcast to a couple of reviews first — it will give you feedback you can incorporate before you share it with everyone
  • Add more personalized user stories and examples to your design review to make it more engaging and focus on the real problems your users face in the product
  • Store you design review video in Shortcast cloud storage until the final implementation of your design so everyone can get back for additional context at anytime