Make a short video and highlight all the changes you see on the product dashboard. You can dig into the specific area once you find something that helps you understand all the changes in your customers’ behavior like adoption, retention, drop-off etc.
Deep breath
And let's go!
Give an overview of all health metrics you defined for your product
Step 1
2 min
Try to identify factors that could affect different metrics during the last week
Step 2
2 min
Highlight all the changes in your product metrics (especially if you had recent releases)
Step 3
1 min
Wrap everything up and define action points
Step 4
1 min
Tips And Tricks
  • Periodic product health checks not only provide a time for you to analyze your product metrics but they also can be used to take actions based on what the data tells you.
  • The longer you go between product health checks, the more opportunities you could miss.