Legal Docs Feedback
Discussing legal documents is a very important part for almost every business, for which sometimes several people can spend hours of their time constantly forwarding documents to each other with long chats in comments.

Sending a short video (shortcast) with a summary and live comments helps your teammate understand you quickly, dive in the doc, and digest the information. That’s how routine tasks can obtain more human touch.
Deep breath
And let's go!
Give quick overview of the document you want to discuss
Step 1
30 sec
Go through the document and highlight everything you want to make changes to
Step 2
3-4 min
Thank your teammate and ask for feedback, mention next steps
Step 3
20 sec
Tips And Tricks
  • If there’s something that requires a discussion, put it in a shortcast. It's better to hear than to read.
  • In case there are multiple people you collaborate with, send your shortcast to all of them at once to get their approval.