Product Demo
Product demos require a demonstration of product knowledge, salesmanship, and relationship-building, all within a limited amount of time. They also have the risk of a technical problem and other complications that can affect your presentation.

To make the most of this all-important opportunity to demo out your product to a prospect, we’ve prepared a cheat sheet.
Deep breath
And let's go!
Make a quick intro and overview of your product (demo, not tour)
Step 1
2 min
Explain product features and tie them to your customers’ pain
Step 2
4 min
Provide context on product specifics and application
Step 3
2 min
Wrap-up everything and talk about next steps
Step 4
1 min
Tips And Tricks
  • Before you record a product demo video, you should know whom you’ll be talking to in your video.
  • Define your value proposition for that specific client, this will help you dig into the specific tools and features that apply to them.
  • Rather than delivering a presentation about your product’s features and benefits, focus on tying each feature or solution directly to your customer’s pain points, needs, or goals.
  • Make sure you talk about next steps and include details about what you covered during the meeting to ensure you're both on the same page