Faster Bug Reporting
If you’re working on the product, service, or a website, you know that bugs is an inherent part of the process and they should be fixed as soon as possible. And this was quite painful to maintain this process as we had to make calls with engineers and reproduce all the issues. That was before we switched to a new process that helped us to get rid of calls.
Deep breath
And let's go!
Split all the issues and bugs into different types:

  • Backend (the request is failed to send)
  • Frontend (the layout is being displayed incorrectly or fails to load)
  • Interaction (when the layout doesn’t work properly)
  • UX text (typos in interface)
Depending on the issue type, record a screencast video instead of having a call:

  • When the problem is hard to reproduce
  • Backend related issue (record it with the opened browser console)
  • The interface works incorrectly during the interaction