Shortcast is an essential screencasting tool that allows you to share your thoughts and ideas in just a couple of clicks.
Make a long
meeting short
Even 5-minute shortcast can help you save up to 30 minutes on the call. Also, this helps everyone (not just those on the call) stay on track and sharpen their thoughts with a more structured approach.
Getting instant value out of Shortcast right away
Explain complicated things in a simple way
Meetings come at a cost. Shortcast allows you to create video notes to keep your statements short and to the point, get rid of inefficient calls, and deliver things that really matter.
Reduce meetings fatigue and burnouts
Meetings become overwhelming. The average employee spends at least 12 hours per week on calls. Switching to async communication with Shortcast increases productivity, reduces meetings fatigue, and prevents burnouts.
Communicate on the fly
Shortcast Google Chrome extension helps you deliver everything that matters in just a couple of clicks so you can stay closer to your audience by adding more personal touch to messages, updates, or reports.
Learn to structure your videos
Get the full scoop on how to use screen sharing software for different tasks and learn to structure your thoughts and ideas with Shortcast Use Cases
Why our clients love us
Lalia Wheeler
HR Manager
We’re focused on scaling our team at the moment and use Shortcast for onboarding and educating new team members. As an HR manager I saved hours with this amazing tool and we increased onboarding satisfaction rate by 18%.
Stanley Smith
Independent Entrepreneur
Shortcast helps me get rid of unnecessary calls and saves time on writing text messages and emails. As a result, I took 3 new clients last month.
Bill Blake
Design Manager
Recording a short task overview and sharing it before the meeting helps me skip the presentation part and move forward to the discussion and feedback. It saves me and my team up to 30 minutes on each call.
You’d be amazed how much quality collective thought can be captured using two simple tools: a voice connection and a shared screen.
Founder & CEO at Basecamp
Jason Fried