Record your screen and cam as a short video and share your thoughts right away. Instead of a thousand words.
Video notes for productive remote work
Make your work
more comfortable
Be free from pointless meetings
Record short videos with task updates, add explanations or feedback. You can significantly reduce the time of useless meetings or avoid them for good!
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Explain a complex task simply
Create playlists with short videos for better results! Shortcast is a good fit for onboarding, training, or working on complex tasks that require a knowledge base
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Structure your videos
Use timecodes in your videos and make sure everyone catches your important thoughts. A good option for introductions, follow-ups, feedback, etc.
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Customer experience
Lalia Wheeler
HR Consultant
Recruiting remotely is a rocket science, but Shortcast makes it easier! New employee onboarding and self-intros are even easier now than it was in the office before the pandemic.
Andrew Maximov
As a CEO, I use a variety of tools to optimize work processes. Now shortcast is one of them. It replaces most synchronized meetings and saves me time.
Sergey Galtsev
Creative Director at Madebymad
Thanks to Shortcast, the level of mutual understanding between team members has increased greatly, and now I can't imagine giving feedback any other way!
More than 100К people across
2,000 companies choose Shortcast
You’d be amazed how much quality collective thought can be captured using two simple tools: a voice connection and a shared screen.
Founder & CEO at Basecamp
Jason Fried
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