Record your screen and cam as a short video and share your thoughts right away. Instead of a thousand words.
Video notes for productive remote work
There are too many zooms, which leaves no time for focused work
Send quick videos when calendars won’t line up and you don’t have time to type a wall of text
Documents submitted without live commentary are often misunderstood
Add some annotations and emotions to deepen the context and understanding for colleagues or clients
Poor preparation, long meetings
Before the meeting, short video reviews of topics and documents will allow you to jump directly to questions and solutions. Easy to view like scrolling Instagram stories.
Keep it short
Pick the best video length for your explanations and keep your viewers engaged
Up to 1 min
Bug report
Share your feedback
Up to 5 min
Onboarding topics
Documents overview
Preparation for the meeting
Up to 10 min
Training and walkthroughs
Design overview
Presentation overview
Learn to structure your videos
Get the full scoop on how to use screen sharing software for different tasks and learn to structure your thoughts and ideas with Shortcast Use Cases
Turn your smartphone as a prompter
Scan the QR-code and get the script on your device
You’d be amazed how much quality collective thought can be captured using two simple tools: a voice connection and a shared screen.
Founder & CEO at Basecamp
Jason Fried
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Video notes for productive remote work
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